Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Kimono Love

When you want to feel amazing in the skin you're in, you need to make something that feels good against your skin!

And when you go to a place like Bali,
you need to prepare for relaxation, finding your inner peace and pampering spa moments.
Combine that with the traditional kimono concept, sprinkle it with some plus sized sexy, and you get this ensemble!

I am so pleased with this set.  It is comfortable, flattering (in my opinion) and the colors are amazing!  All fabric is from Fine Fabrics of Norcross, Ga.  The robe is self drafted in the same manner of any DIY kimono in a satin-like polyester fabric.  The night gown is also self drafted as well, from a similar satin-like fabric.

And yeap, the head scarf is made from the same fabric as the robe!

I hate looking for lingerie and lounge wear because it is not designed for me.  I'm plus sized with small boob-age so purchasing ready-to-wear just leads to wasting money on something completely unflattering.  The bust will be too big and not sit in the right place.  The cami or the dress will be too short because either they don't care where it lands on our bodies or I have a long torso.  I have yet to measure and compare my torso to others so either scenario is feasible.

But when you can take your fashion into your own hands,
you can create what you will feel amazing in.
You can have it as short or as long as you'd like.
You can make sure the seams are properly placed.
You can make something for an un-snatched waist line
belonging to the itty bitty titty committee!  (That's me)
You can make sure that you compensate for your "assets" and all of your curves,
 or cover up something that causes insecurities.
Do you have a scar on your right thigh that you don't like showing?
  Make a dress long enough to cover it or  put a split on the OTHER thigh.
Whatever YOU need to make YOU feel amazing.

We don't all have the confidence to "serve" all the flaws and give no $%&s.  And that's ok!  As long as you love yourself and are not mentally abusing yourself with negative and insecure thoughts.  Make something that allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and say "Well, damn!"  And guess what?  The next time, you may step a little bit further out of your comfort zone and closer into your confidence.


  1. You look Amazing. . . . Enjoy every moment!

    1. Thanks, Madam Too Much! I love the name. I really did enjoy Bali. I would love to go back.

  2. I absolutely love it! You are rocking this!