Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nicole Miller Meets Simplicity 8140

I have fallen victim to loving me some Nicole Miller fabric!  These fabric choices are sure to bankrupt my sewing budget, but luckily I have a job to support my fabric addiction!  Nicole Miller does it again with this super silky, eye catching fabric to give you a Ready-to-Wear and Off-the-Rack look, with a Made-with-Love fit. 

 I accidentally went on a fabric shopping spree with Joann Fabrics online.  I saw this image in the oh-so-fabulous Nicole Miller collection and before I knew it, it was in my virtual Shopping Cart.

When it arrived, THIS is what the fabric looked like.  It wasn’t what I expected but it felt of silken royalty and I need more color in my wardrobe, so it was not going back to the Joann warehouse. 

Instead, I decided to use its flowing lightweight qualities along with Simplicity 8140 to make this cool and comfortable blouse.  

It's an over-sized styled shirt so i decided to pair it with a pair of skinny leg jeans and grey heels.  Although on a "normal" day (ie. a day when I'm not taking photos for a blog), I think it would work well with a pair of flats.

In an attempt to start providing pattern reviews, I followed the instructions.  Yes, I actually read each step and worked as instructed. It was torture.  I haven’t read an entire pattern since I left Mrs. Robinson’s class in high school.  I usually just check out a step that I’m not used to doing.  Or spot check to make sure my assumptions are correct.

This Simplicity pattern was, as Simplicity usually is, a wonderful guide.  The directions were clear except this one part…..

I worked on folding this as described until my eyes crossed and patience ran out.  So I decided to abort mission for the evening and try again the next morning.  As I tried on the top, and said “Good Morning” to that silken royalty feeling that I mentioned above, I casually pinned the piece in place to give the illusion of completion and….it was perfect.  When I looked back at the pattern instructions, what I did “casually” was actually what I was being told to do.  SMH.  It was obvious late the night before and time for bed.

I purchased the 26W-32W size pattern and cut my pieces out on size 32W.  One day I will realize that I’ve lost weight and I don’t have to cut to the largest size, because I ended up taking about 2 inches off of each side and adjusted the arm hole to accommodate for the modification. 

I should have used more of the allowed seam allowance for the collar, in order to have a smaller finished look.  But overall, I am very happy with this blouse and the pattern itself.  I highly recommend it for beginners to novice.   As for my wonderful photos...I would like to thank Snapperfish for providing me with another batch of amazing photos for my blog!  If you are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, check her out!  She has a wonderful eye for her craft!


  1. Love that you took the pattern and made it your own! Great job, that blouse looks stellar on you!