About the Page

My desire is for this page to serve multiple purposes:

To force me to sew the surplus of fabric in my possession.  I’ve  purchased/collected and inherited fabric over the years with a genuine intent to sew something fabulous and/or necessary.  However, due to life getting in the way, there are times when the fabrics have to be put to the side and stored for future use.

To upgrade my wardrobe by making more stylish and appealing outfits for work, casual days out, and those nights out on the town when I want to catch someone’s eye. Although I am a Plus-Sizer, I still want to lose a large amount of weight.  However, my final goal, is still in the Plus Size range (all thanks goes to society for this).  I told myself that I will NOT buy any more clothes until I lose weight and get back into my smaller sizes.  I have plenty of clothes if I just lose some weight.  No need to invest in a size that I am unhappy with.  I had planned on punishing myself by staying in the same limited clothes/outfits until I lost weight.  This should teach me a lesson about gaining weight. Right?

Now, as a woman, I have the prerogative to change my mind.  So, I took that opportunity and decided that I would NOT buy more clothes until I lost weight BUT…….I will sew my clothes with the ABUNDANT amount of fabric that I have so conveniently collected over the years.  (Yes, I am an addict.  My name is Salina, and I can’t stop buying fabric.) I decided that I was doing a disservice to my fellow Plus-Sizers by walking around in my Plain Jane/frumpy attire.  I must continue to represent my BBWs even with the amount of weight I am currently carrying.

To provide tips and tricks for others in the sewing world.  There are tricks and shortcuts that I've learned along the way, either by experience or from others.  

To connect with others who can help with any of my mishaps.  I still have things that I need to improve, perfect, and just flat out attempt (some things are just intimidating).

To provide inspiration for my fellow Plus-Sizers to take their fashion into their own hands.  Do not depend on the fashion trends to determine what you will wear.  Do not depend on commercial stores to provide you with poorly fitted and/or unflattering clothing.   Take your fashion into your own hands!

So please enjoy my journey.  I hope that you find inspiration, helpful tips and techniques, useful resources, and a new found confidence in your fashion, your skills, and yourself.

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