Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Lace and Chiffon aka Easy Elegance

Photo Credit: Dennis Thorne of NY

I finally made it to New York City!!!!

Okay, so this post is late, because it's amazing how quickly you can get sucked back into that dark hole of reality when you are done playing on vacation.  Luckily, that dark hole cannot erase memories!

I had an amazing time while in NYC.  I finally made it not only to NYC, but I made it to CurvyCon!!!!  Seeing multiple women that I follow on FB and IG...I was having fan girl moments all over the place.  I was scared to speak most of the time because you never know how someone really is in person vs their online personality.  Sometimes you just want to keep living in the fantasy.  

Anywho, while in NYC, one of my loving brothers of the Street Sweepaz Motorcycle Club (New York Chapter) volunteered to take some photos for me because he just invested in some new lenses and OMG.  He did not disappoint in capturing this outfit that has become not only one of my favorites, but it has made its way on several lists of "make me this" from friends and family.

To be honest, I've never just made a simple chiffon skirt with elastic.  WHY?!?!!  I mean seriously....WHY?!?!  What on earth is wrong with me?!  Something so simple and yet so deliciously elegant!  I see them all the time on Pinterest?  Why is this my first time making one for myself?  Now that I'm done complaining about myself.....

The skirt is a sheer chiffon fabric.  I took the length that I wanted, added approximately 2.5" to that number and cut 2 pieces of fabric to that length.   Because of all of this thickness that I carry around on the daily, I was able to use the entire width of the fabric (58"/60").  That means both of my pieces were a rectangle of 58" x (length + 2.5").  I sewed the two peices together, created a casing for the elastic, serged the bottom hem....DONE!

As for the top, I used the bodice of the Made for Mermaids Cassie Peplum/Mini/Dress pattern.  The neckline and sleeves were left as-is, but I slashed-and-spread the bodice so it was not fitted.  It took a little bit more work to make sure the hems of the garment and sleeves were accentuated by the scalloped edges of the fabric itself.  Other than that, it is another simple sew brought to you by Made for Mermaids.

Yeap!  As simple as it is elegant!


  1. Your outfit is beautiful and that skirt is amazing. Wow you look stunning!

    1. Thank you, so much!!!! It was such a simple skirt. I still can't believe I haven't made more of these!