Monday, November 19, 2018

Self Drafted Glamour for Cuba

I went to CUBA!!!!

Me and some girl friends of mine made plans for Cuba this past October.  So of course, I had to make something special for this trip.  My desire was to make something for pictures in El Paseo del Prado in Old Havana.  This location was the runway fo Chanel's fashion show on 2016.  Great idea, right?  Well I didn't get those photos, but we captured so much charm of the city and the culture.  Who cares where I too pictures!

Okay, os back to what I made...I self drafted this dress using a crochet/knitted type fabric.  I don't know what you call it.  It was on the aisle labeled lace but...really?  This is not the type of lace found on our grandmother's dining tables back in the day.  This "lace" had a chevron texture and some threads of sparkle throughout. 

My inspiration was a picture found on Pinterest.  It looked so cute and comfortable and I am all about being cute while comfortable....more so comfortable.

The top pieces for the front and back are all the same.  I allowed the back skirt to be a little longer just in case I wanted to wear it to somewhere a bit fancier than the streets of Cuba.  Who walks through the streets of Cuba like a celebrity on a photo shoot???  Oh wait...I did!  Yes, we got a professional photographer who took us through the streets of Old Havana and it was my most favorite-est part of the trip.  She took us past some of the most gorgeous and charming buildings.  And she knew exactly where to go for pictures with the cars that Cuba is so well known for having.

Once again, back to what I made....I left the top of the dress unlined to let the character of the fabric have it's moment.  I lined it with a caramel color nylon/spandex blend close to my color but I kept it short and somewhat fitted, although the dress itself was long and loose.  

When I tell you...that this dress was entirely too comfortable to be so beautiful and so easy to make.  I have to make a few more of these for myself, maybe with a little less cleavage.  But I definitely love how easy it was to make and to wear.  And how beautiful it made me feel. 

Now back to are a few pictures of Havana Vieja en Cuba!!!

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