Monday, October 29, 2018

Pretty in Pink October - Modified McCalls 5972

To continue with Pink October, I decided to go ahead and tackle this dress pattern.
The McCalls 5972.

When I first saw this pattern a few years ago, it was love at first sight.   I've been admiring it, and imagining myself in it.  I'd pick it up and get excited....then I'd put it back down and walk away.  Because I knew it would take time, since this pattern IS NOT a Plus Size pattern.  UGH!!!!

Anywho....the time had come for me to be brave and tackle the grading and inch additions needed to fit this gorgeous design on my gorgeous voluminous body.  And why not get a little more crazy with it and make it out of a fabric with the look of suede!  This was NOT intentional.  I actually bought the fabric because I saw the back of the fabric.  But when I saw the OTHER back of the fabric, YEESSSS!!!!!  I went with it!  Well...obviously.

This creation started off with the base design of McCall's 5972 but I modified the dress to have one of the sleeves off the shoulder.

I loved the asymmetrical ruffling that was going on here.  But I had to take it a step further, because I love torturing myself with doing more than what is necessary.  I decided that I wanted to make one sleeve to be off the shoulder, and I only used the top two layers of ruffling.   Besides having to reconfigure that off the shoulder portion, the dress was extremely simple to make for the look it creates.   It is an out of print pattern but if you have this in your stash, I highly recommend cutting into it.

I felt quite delicate in this pink ensemble.  
I've never had ruffles on a dress and I felt pretty...
.....oh so pretty....
....I felt pretty and witty and briiiiight!!!

Like I mentioned before, Breast Cancer Awareness is near and dear to my heart.  With that being said, I felt that this was no better time to add some pink to my wardrobe in honor of some women close to me who have fought or are currently in the fight.  

This post goes out to a California cousin who is now smiling down on us all.

This post goes out to a co-worker from a previous employer, who has taken great pictures for my blog because....
....she has a really good camera (inside joke)......

This post goes out to my grandmother who lost one of "the twins" but was blessed with victory over cancer.

This post  goes out to my beautiful cousin, 
whom I made sure to remind her of her beauty during her fight.
I miss you!

We must pay attention to our bodies ladies....and men.  Any sudden changes in how we feel, any strange things that you may notice....please do not overlook this. Our body sends signals, sometimes ever so subtle, to let us know that something is wrong.  Go get checked regularly.  Cancer does not always win.  But it will win if we aren't aware of the fight going on within.

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