Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vogue 8434

This wrap blouse/tunic was created with the help of Vogue 8434 and Fabric Mart's $2/yard sale!!

There are a few patterns that I have bought in the past (lol @ few), that I have not used (again….lol @ few) because I have not found a fabric to do my vision justice.  I’ve wanted to use this Vogue Pattern for years and decided my time was up.  So I dug through my recent fabric purchases…because those are the ones that are actually IN my sewing room and not out in the garage.  

Earlier this year, FabricMart had a sale…as always and I could NOT avoid the temptation of clicking the purchase button for fabric that is only $2/yard!!  THIS top cost me $8 dollars.  Yeap!

The pattern was not the typical complex Vogue pattern but I believed it was still stunning.   My next attempt at this pattern will involve a fabric that is better suited for facing, or I will hand sew the entire facing, instead of “tacking” at the seams as directed in the pattern.  Because of the fabric, my facing became a "border" along the top edge.  Also, I will probably do a small touch of slash-and-spread so the back doesn't fit so snug.

Paired with some glitzy heels and jewelry, I wore this to a friend's rehearsal dinner and received many compliments on my look.  Another successful evening of Taking Fashion Into My Own Hands!

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