Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Bra, Please

Talk about outside of a comfort zone. Introducing my first bra!

This long line bra is brought to you by Pin Up Girls (sold stateside online at Gigi's Bra Supply) and some left over leopard print from my fabric stash.  I had to make some modifications of course but overall, I think it's cute!!! What do you think?


1) I wanted this to stop lower on my body than designed so I added about 5 inches to the length.

2)The back has a very low drop which allows for the use of 4 hook and eye clasps.  This low plunge was not going to work for me.  I modified that and used 9 hook and eye clasps. 

Nikki Griffin of @bratalk told us over and over again.......
and over and over again......that making a bra was easy.  
She was not lying AT ALL!   
The truth is, it takes longer to get the fit right than it does to put the bra together.

If you have the smallest desire to learn how to sew a bra, I highly recommend that you head over to Sewing My Style and let Nikki give you life.  She is an amazing teacher with the patience of Job.  

The bra was not difficult to make at all and there are several You Tube Influencers with very in depth step-by-step tutorials for this and many other bra patterns.  

The only thing that doesn't excite me about this bra pattern is the need for the binding across the top. 

 Having to select a color can sometimes limit the flexibility or versatility of an item made with a print that very much is.

The organza jacket was made using Butterick 5685.  

I chose organza for the body of the jacket to allow all of my (not so) hard work to show through!  Not the most complicated sew, but leave it to me to make it that!  How you ask?  French seams of course.  That's just the only way to make a garment with organza.  It's to elegant for serging!  

Now.... Let's talk about this queen photo bombing my shoot.  The beautiful Sew Sew Stacie created a beautiful yellow/gold combination that you can see peaking through her sheer leopard print jump suit. 

No, we did not plan the matching prints.  Great minds just think alike!  Head over to her blog to read more about her ensemble!  Follow her on IG so you can experience her energy!  You won't regret it! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Rebecca Page - Emma Dress Pattern Cover Sew

Another cover sew for the books!!  

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit intimidated by this dress.  Reading how long it has taken people to make dresses like this.....the multiple layers....the gathering....ugh.

But Rebecca Page's team caught me on a good day and I was up for the challenge!  I chose this bright peachy color, because it looks best on my skin.  I figured if I was going to have this much fabric on me, it needed to at least look good on my skin tone!

Honestly, the dress took time, but it didn't take up a lot of my patience. I'd make this again with a few modifications to the bodice, but overall, I was pleased.  I love the volume of the skirt and how nicely it flowed when I walked.  Which is why I chose a peachskin fabric for this dress.  I love how peachskin feels against my skin.  It has enough weight to create a beautiful drape but it's light enough to let the wind be your friend.  

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Rebecca Page - Curvy Kingston Pattern (My First Cover Sew!)

There aren't many plus size denim jacket patterns out there.  But Rebecca Page just launched this pattern, with me on the cover! (Link to pattern no longer available as the store has been closed and all files deleted)

Denim can be a bit intimidating.  It's thick, it has flat felled seams, it has topstitching.  It has the makings of a terrible weekend with your sewing machine.  With all that intimidation, it was nice to see that the pattern instructions helped reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed.  

I chose a midweight denim, since this was my first denim jacket.  I wanted to get used to the technique before using the good stuff, you know?  I was able to cut this jacket to size with no modifications which allowed me to focus more on getting the seams lined up and learning how to do flat felled seams.  It took a few tries, but it finally clicked and I was able to get through the jacket with ease.  I liked the added detail of a cuff, instead of a hemmed sleeve, and the tabs on the side.  No clue what they are for, but it's cute!  My tabs weren't perfect but I got it done and it works for me!  The hardest thing about this jacket was finding buttons.  There were plenty of silver threaded buttons online, but finding the same kind used for off the rack jeans was difficult.  I placed an order for the closest thing but they were still not what I want for long term wear.  These were just good enough for photos.  

No links are provided for this post, as Rebecca Page is no longer in business and all links and data have been deleted.