Friday, July 1, 2022

Mardi Gras 2022 - Emblem for Queens of Dreams (A Mobile, Alabama Organization)


Mardi Gras 2022
Emblem of Queen of Dreams 
Mobile, Al

I was given the honor and pleasure of being chosen to turning this Mardi Gras Queen's vision into a reality.  She provided me with a rough napkin drawing to explain what she desired; a combination of an a-line and a ball gown.  We both searched on Etsy for a fabric she loved and I got to work.

The sequin dress was made using the Made for Mermaid pattern, Mama Cassie (no longer available, but the Wiggle Dress is similar).  It's made for knit fabrics, which made it a great option for this sequin stretch mesh fabric ordered from a shop on Etsy.  For everyone who works with Made for mermaids patterns, you know they are newbie friendly, so this was a nice simple make.  The difficult part however,  was dealing with the sequins.  Usually, I'd buy an entire pack of regular sewing needles, knowing I'd go through all of them.  This time I decided to follow a piece of advice received in the past and use denim needles instead.  Let me tell you, I broke only ONE needle!  That is amazing, compared to one needle per seam!! Definitely a proud moment for me.

To add a little more razzle dazzle to make sure she sparkled for her big night, she requested that I add rhinestones throughout the dress.  With an additional couple of hours, some tweezers, flat back rhinestones and E6000, I was able to easily make the request happen.  And the final touch were the ostrich feather boas hand sewn to the neckline of the dress.  There was no holding back for this creation!

Now, about this detachable ball gown shaped skirt.....

This skirt took more time than the dress!  I chose a hoop skirt from Amazon that was partially open in the front and opened the remaining loops.  I lined the hoop with a simple white lining as the foundation to lots and lots and lots of tulle.  How many bolts?  No clue, but there was no tulle left behind after I finished this skirt.  

 This Queen....or Emblem in this case....had an absolutely amazing night!  You could tell by her mannerism.  If you knew her, you knew that she was in her element being a beautiful center of attention while looking fabulous!  Her hair stylist, makeup artist, and seamstress made suer that she was perfection for her moment.  

Thank you, Tina for giving me the honor to be a part of your team for this night.  
You were absolutely stunning!

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