Thursday, August 13, 2015

Torrid Inspired Lace Crop Top

While browsing through Torrid, this beautiful color caught my eye.  It was this lace top.  It was gorgeous and I’ve never seen anything like it; especially not in a plus size store.

It was cropped but not too high, but that didn’t matter since you would HOPEFULLY wear something underneath the lace.  I saw the price and thought….I can make this….as I tend to always say when I'm in a clothing store.   I figured I would just use a black lace and layer it with a bold color underneath.

But wait!  Hancock Fabrics to the rescue!  As soon as my eyes landed on this lace, I knew it was meant for me to make the Torrid crop top.  And since the fabric was on sale….I would be making my top for $22 instead of $38.50.

I used my trusty pattern piece that I’ve used many times before (McCalls 6563 – back pattern piece).

Now the tricky part of this was the hem.  The lace pattern of the Torrid top created a hem that was part of the charm of this top.  Because I wanted the front of the top to be at an angle, I would have to choose between the lacey hem with a front seam, or a seamless front with no pretty hem.  We have seams going down the fronts of our body all of the time!  So I went for the lacey hem (you already knew that would be my choice).

I folded the bottom of my pattern piece to create the slope that I wanted.  Then I placed the piece so that the sloped hem/edge fell along the edge of the lace.

The same piece was then unfolded and placed so the bottom edge fell along the edge of the lace once again (no slope).

Once the pieces were cut, I then meticulously cut the lace around the floral design.  Yeap….I did.  But I was determined.  I was inspired!  I wanted that top for half the cost.  LOL.  And that was not all.  I also did French seams on all 3 seams of the top.  I finished the neck and arms with a narrow double folded hem and I was done!