Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tried and True - Submission #2

Today I would like to introduce you guys to another TNT pattern of mine.  This pattern was featured in my very first blog post (Drape Necks).  My love for this pattern is as simple as its design and construction.

Just imagine:  It's noon, and you receive a phone call from THAT guy/girl but you have nothing to wear.  Well, you do but you don't want to wear any of it.  Your mind immediately goes to that gorgeous piece of fabric you bought yesterday but had no idea what you would make with it.  You only have a few hours to throw together a nice blouse, simple and classy, and maybe a curvalicious midi skirt to wear with THOSE (yes THOSE) heels.

Well, Plus-Sizers, I introduce to you.......

It is a simple top that can create a look to meet any need!  

The first time I used this pattern, I created a fun casual blouse with this colorful lightweight fabric from Hancock Fabrics.  May we have a moment of silence....for this store that was closed too soon....taken away from us before its time....may their memory live on in our sewing rooms and studios nation wide.

I noticed that the back dipped a little low which was fine for a casual top, or even something dressy for the evening.  But in order to have a top that can function for work, and maybe a few drinks after work, I created this dainty polka dotted sheer top, with a few modifications which were described on the original post.
(Click Image for original post).

Then I became curious......I wanted a top with a draped back.....hmmmm.....So I tried on the top backwards.  I did like the drape in the back but I fell in love with the simple neckline of the blouse's back, which was now on my front.  I have been in dire need of simple blouses that were flattering, comfortable, casual, classy, sophisticated, etc....that didn't cost $50+ dollars.  So....I decided to TAKE FASHION INTO MY OWN HANDS!  I used the back pattern piece alone to create several tops (okay, maybe more than several).  I traced the back pattern piece and "Slashed and Spread" to create the blouse-like room needed for the front, which back pattern pieces do not have.

Depending on the fabric and how you style it, this blouse serves many purposes with class and sophistication.  

Sheer Blouse w/ Cami/Tank + Simple Black Skirt + Low Heels = Church Flow / Brunch Flow 

Sheer Blouse w/ Cami/Tank + Simple Black Skirt + Boots = Date Night / Ladies Night

Simple Black Blouse + Midi Length Color Blocked Skirt = A Sign of Endless Possibilities

I even went as far as making a dress with the back pattern piece.  This dress taught me the importance of the "Slash and Spread".  I still liked the dress but I will need more room in the front for a more comfortable and flattering fit.

This TNT can be found in my Patterns Hall of Fame page of this blog site.  

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