Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tried And True Submission #1

Hello fellow Plus-Sizers, Sew-cialists, and those who just love Fashion regardless.  I'm back with my first post of 2016.  

I have been so busy with work, I have not been able to give my blog any attention but today I decided to take my life back and get back into what I enjoy in life.  Yes, that's right....sitting in front of a sewing machine with seam ripper in hand, picking out a seam while shaking my head at myself for sewing the sleeve onto the neck-hole.

I wanted to begin the year off by adding some additional elements to my blog.  I have heard other seamstresses refer to a TNT pattern.  I finally learned that  TNT means Tried and True.  A Tried and True pattern is a person's "go-to" pattern.  Over the years I have come across a few patterns that I turn to.  Whether I create the pattern as designed by the commercial pattern company, or I use the pattern as a base to create my own vision.

So today, I introduce to you my first submission to my Pattern Hall of Fame.  Also known as, my Tried and True (TNT).   

First up is Simplicity 2804.  I have posted about this pattern previously, but I will be a nice blog host and not ask you to search for it, or click additional links.

When I came across this pattern years ago, I couldn’t get enough of it.  I am on the borderline of wearing it out but I am forever coming back to it.   I absolutely loved how the blousy top was flattering and oh-sew-comfy, while the fitted band at the bottom….accentuated MY bottom!  It has the ability to be flirty with the slightly off the shoulder look.   I’ve used this pattern to make several tops and dresses.  

With a little tug to one side, you can get a flirty off the shoulder look.....

  I've used the bottom "band" of the pattern to create a fitted dress....


And with that, I've added a working zipper to the sleeve.....

Other than creating a fitted and elongated bottom band for a dress, I make the pattern as instructed.  I mean, there are only two pieces for the top, and then however you choose to make the bottom.  

There are many other variations I plan on trying in the future as the need arises.  But this, my friends, is my first entry into my TNT Hall of Fame!

All TNT patterns will be found on my new Hall of Fame (for Patterns) page.  

I hope my TNTs can one day help you Take Fashion into Your Own Hands.