Thursday, June 9, 2016

Longing for Something New! (Part 1 of 2)

This is a late post (yes a late post of two parts), but I wanted to still share.  Better late than never, right??  A rising star in the world of blogging has posted a plethora of fashionable outfits that have caught my eye, this one in particular....

This particular post of hers stuck with me because I remember when I wanted to make something like this years ago during my younger sewing years but never completed it.  Of course I have no idea where that unfinished garment is.  Oh well….I have plenty more fabric from where that came from! 

My pairings of choice:

A black/white non-stretch poly-blend (actual fabric type unknown) with McCalls 2156

A blue crepe with Simplicity 2283

First I will focus on the blue crepe pairing.  I had already made a top with my TNT #2  and thought that Simplicity 2283 would be a nice compliment to that top, without being too much for the workplace. 

Of course the pattern was not in my size and the pattern is a short vest, but I had a vision.  

The pattern is not sized for me so I had to make some modifications:  I added the bulk of my inches to the side.  For me, my back is not much larger than the pattern piece.  I’ve had to un-alter pieces in my past due to adding too much to the center back which would cause the garment to not sit well on my shoulders.  Additionally, due to the size of my arms, adding the bulk of my inches to the sides gets balanced by my need to alter my arm hole and shoulder length. (The picture was blurry so I drew in the cutting lines)

As for the front, I wanted that "collar point" to sit higher on me.  

So the next modification involved altering the front pattern piece by adding inches to allow the point to fall higher.  After adding an inch or two to the shoulder and the arm hole, I was ready to sew the vest/jacket just as the pattern instructs since my modifications did not affect how the vest/jacket was constructed...just shaped.

I chose the crepe because I love the way it hangs and flows.  Plus it is so easy to work with and both sides of the material are the presentable side!!  Which means, it would be perfect for allowing the inside of my garment to show(as it was a high/low hemline).  These two items are a very comfortable addition to the typical black slacks that I keep in my work wardrobe.  I have been longing for something new ;)