Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ugly Fabric Weekend, Part 1

Sometimes, as a seamstress, you will take a stroll through your fabric selections and come across a few things that make you stop and go…..”What was I THINKING?!?!?!?”  And sometimes you have to stop for a moment longer and ask “And WHY do I have so much of it?!?!??!”

I typically walk by this fabric

and just shake my head but on a particular weekend I stopped and said….”I may as well play with it”.  I have 6 yards of it.  Why not?!

So after coming across a fellow blogger, I saw an amazing half circle skirt/maxi dress. The play on stripes was mesmerizing (scroll down her page to find what dress I'm referring to).  And I thought, YEAP!  This is it.  So I followed her inspiration and some instructions from Nest Full of Eggs.

For the top, I used two pattern pieces from McCalls 6073 (Bodice Front and Bodice Back).  I added the necessary inches to fit my body.  I also added length since I would not be using the front waist band in the pattern. I did not gather the sleeves as described in the pattern.  I simply wanted the slope of the top.  Oh, and I added pockets!  They are hidden at the side seams!  I've always loved the idea of a full dress/skirt with pockets.  I like having somewhere to put my hands.

I wanted a deeper V-neck in the back so I folded over the pattern's edge (see below).



Don't underestimate ugly fabrics.  They can sometimes make beautiful pieces.  We just have to get creative.  More to come!!


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