Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't Get It Twisted: Well it actually should be in this case....

Up next we have this twisted pattern Simplicity 3768. 

Four total pattern pieces, each cut twice: front piece, back piece, sleeves, and front facing.  I was in need of some casual tops for work.  Something simple, easy to accessorize, and something that could dress up my jeans and look nice with work slacks as well. 

I’ve made this pattern several times.  My first attempt came up short, literally.  Yeap, it is in the trash.  Unfortunately, the patterns hemline fell at a point that was very unflattering.  

So for my second attempt, I made the tops longer.  I wanted to make sure it covered my lovely handles (only Plus Sizers will get that joke). Alterations made to this commercial pattern included:

Lengthen hemline – Simply added 2 inches to the length.  Okay, maybe its a bit too long now but it is still appropriate for casual attire at work, I will take away an inch later.

Increase sleeve width – See images below of my resulting sleeve pattern (folded in half).   I did not need the armhole adjusted with this pattern due to the stretch and sizing.  However I needed more width around my arm.  Multiple websites have instructions to increase sleeve width by adding a dart in the center of the sleeve.  This is essentially what has happened here.  I folded the pattern peice in half, and added a small triangle.  If the pattern piece below were unfolded, it will show that a dart has been added.

Adjust for smaller bust –The top appears baggy in this area which would lead one to believe that it is too big and if I take it in at the side seams, all will be well.  Well…..not quite.  If you notice in this picture, the seam falls about a mile and a half below the fullest part of my bust.

That seam line, once again is hovering across an area that I do not wish to bring attention to.  The pattern needs to be adjusted so that the seam line sits higher.  Below you will see that I shifted the bottom portion of the front pattern piece up to shorten the top portion of the pattern piece 
(The image shows the inside of the shirt)

I paired my newly fitted top with a full circle skirt.  I will update this post in the future to include a link to a quick explanation on how to make a circle skirt (full, half, quarter). NO PATTERN NEEDED!!


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