Thursday, August 7, 2014

Playing with Peplum (Vol.1)

I usually don’t follow trends.   I don’t enjoy looking at clones of me walking around.  Or am I a clone of theirs?  See where the confusion comes in? 

Although the peplum idea has existed for decades, it has been the latest “comeback” for a year or so, and it has caught my eye.  Not only for the “new” style, but for its ability to camouflage the not so tight tummies and love handles. And for some women, it creates the illusion of a more desirable waist to hip ratio.

I attempted to try on a few of these tops at various clothing stores and was very unsatisfied with the fit.  So, once again, I took fashion into my own hands.  I registered for a Craftsy class that guides you through pattern alterations and it came with a Vogue pattern, V8815.  Although the instructions guided me to alter the pattern with the same techniques/calculations that I currently do, it did provide SO many additional helpful tips, techniques and ideas which made the class entirely worth it. 

For practice, I used the fabric from a dress that was partially made (sorry, no picture.  I made this top prior to my decisioin to start this blog).  I did not want to add full sleeves, so I decided to add a sleeve from Butterick pattern, B4469. 

The top was simple to make.  Sometimes I forget that Vogue patterns are not ALL so complicated and/or time consuming.  The pattern is made for fabrics that do not stretch, therefore it has a zipper down the back.  I, however, did not make the top fitted, so I am able to pull it over my head without the need to unzip.

During my attempts to capture photos of me in this top, I started realizing something……I’m not a fan of the seam around the waist.  Because my top is not fitted, the shirt tends to shift, which lets that seam land at any figure-unflattering place it feels.  Overall, I’m still happy with the top.  I will use this pattern again to create a more fitted top, with the seam placed lower on my torso.  But I already have an idea to create a princess-seamed peplum top to remove that "hazard" altogether. More to come!!

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