Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ballerina Gone Diva (In My No-Sew Tu-Tu)

This project began when I decided to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer sponsored by the American Cancer Society in Centennial Park.

It started off as, what I playfully called a "Tu Tu Tail".  But it really is a tulle bustle.  Funny thing, while wearing this at the event, I had a couple of men ask if I was selling them!  Maybe next year....you never know.

I google-ed "no sew tu tu" and many videos and blogs were available to show you how to slip knot tulle over a desired waist band to create a skirt.  You can slip knot one piece of tulle, or multiple pieces.  And for the waistband, you can use elastic, ribbon, an old belt.  The options are as endless as your imagination.  For my project, I used elastic and knotted single pieces of tulle.  Next time, if there is a next time I will just use ribbon.  As the elastic stretches around the waist, it causes gaps between the knots.  Not a big deal, but I think ribbon will be better next time.  Especially when you can tie a cute ribbon in the front (in the picture, I just tied a bow around the waist band over the tied elastic)

Anywho, I decided to finish up my tu-tu-tail and turn it into a full blown tu-tu.  So for Halloween night, I dressed in my tu-tu and got glammed up and deemed myself a Ballerina Gone Diva!  No better reason for my friend to try out her new camera and be a Photographer for Halloween!  Not only do I think the photos came out great (me and my tu-tu) but I think this little Halloween Photographer was phenomenal.  Maybe one day, she'll start a blog of what she has captured (hint hint).  So without further adieu....the Ballerina/Diva Photo Shoot.

 And for a little fun....

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