Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Rebecca Page - Eloise | Voile Fabric

 I tried something new!  

I've never shirred anything in my life, and as of today, I still have not.  But I did create a similar look/function using multiple elastic casings. 

I'm in love with this dress.  It's so dainty and brings out all of my femininity.  And this voile fabric....OMG why did noone ever tell me about voile cotton?!?!  Shame on all of you!


I would go into detail about how I made this dress, but let me tell you, Rebecca Page has a sew-along for this that is worthy of all the praise.  She shows how to do shirring AND how to do a hack and make multiple tiny elastic casings out of the one provided in the pattern.  

For the neck line, I altered the elastic casing by creating 4 small ones.  I used 1/8" elastic in each newly created pocket/casing, leaving the top one empty to create a ruffle.

I chose not to create this effect for the waist.  I made the elastic casing and used 3/4" elastic.

The only modification I'd make is to have a slightly longer sleeve.   There is another sleeve option that comes down about 3/4 of the arm with an elastic option at the end.  But I want to just add about 2 inches to the shorter sleeve option to cover more of my upper arm.

This dress just makes me feel like a girl.  I don't have to be fierce.  I don't have to be this strong black woman who takes ownership of all the power given to her by God and her African ancestors.  This dress lets me feel that I can take a break and be delicate and precious.  The world doesn't need saving today.

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