Thursday, February 27, 2020

Growing Bolder - Statement Making Fabric - Self Drafted Outfit

Photo Credit: Dennis Thorne of NY

A fabric this bold only needs a simple make.  
This simple circle skirt and self drafted white blouse with black trim, allowed a magical fabric to make a statement among the streets of Harlem!

I remember when I saw this fabric in Fine Fabrics (Norcross, Ga).  It was gorgeous!  It was bold!  It had a nice shine!  And most importantly, it was outside of my comfort zone!  I had to remind myself though...this is the journey I'm on, or trying to be.  A journey to stop hiding from this cruel dark world, and instead, expose my true self and be proud of whatever hue of light I can contribute.

I sit back and watch, no....admire....I admire many plus size women who are confident, bold, and beautiful.  Not only do I admire them, but I envy them.  Envy how easy they make it look and how they (at least) appear to own who they are.  But how does an introvert OWN who she is among these extroverted beauties?  

I've spent years working to overcome low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of being too big and not beautiful.  When time allowed, I did what one may call soul searching.  But it was more about self-identification.  I wanted to identify things of value within myself.  And as my list grew my confidence grew.  My self-esteem increased.  My ability to look at myself and see someone cute, beautiful, and at times SEXY.....sorry, not a Rated G page....but yea.  I began to take some ownership in who I am.  Notice I said some....still a work in progress....God is still working on me!

And because I no longer felt the need to hide and blend in ALL the time, I wanted to create moments in my life when I, in all of my plus-sized-ness, became one of those women I admire.  This means, wearing colors could no longer be avoided.    Potentially attracting attention when I enter a room can no longer be scary.  I wanted to be able to have people look at me and not feel that they may be judging me, but instead are actually admiring me, just as I've done to so many others.

So thank you Queens and Goddesses!
Thank you for Slaying and Sleighing.
Thank you for being on Fleek, or of Fleek (whatever).
Thank you for showing up and showing out.
Thank you for coming through dripping.
Thank you for doing the damn thang.

And most of all, Thank you for unknowingly motivating other women to be bold and glow!
Hopefully I can do the same for others.

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