Monday, January 27, 2020

McCall's Wardrobe Upgrade

I've been wanting to upgrade my work wardrobe for some time now.    
McCall's 5894 and McCalls 5145 to the rescue!

Due to my desire for a closet filled with collared button downs made of those thin delicate fabrics, this was going to be a challenge.  

Why a challenge?  
Because 1) I hate buttonholes!!  2) Pants for my size/shape???  OMG!!!!  and 3) I hate buttonholes!!

Luckily, I've gotten over my fear of buttonholes now that I discovered my Singer 90s Limited Edition has a buttonhole feature.  Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus!

This is the 2nd time I've made M5145 (last time I did the buttonholes by hand). 

The first was this brown sheer blouse and has been worn so many times.  I love it because it's light weight, and the sleeve fits.  Almost like it was made just for me.  The princess seams, the room it gives and that curved hem won me over as well.  So I thought I'd start my wardrobe upgrade with another since I loved the first one so much.  

THIS fabric is amazing.  It's so soft.  It's so smooth.  So cool to the touch.   It's perfection.

As for the pants, I was scared to cut into this fabric.  I have not made a pair of slacks like this and I wasn't sure how the pattern design would fit on my shape.  But I had to start somewhere, so here is where it started.  And McCall 5894 would be the first pants challenge.   I have no complaints.  I love how they fit.  I did a few adjustments to make some room for my "asset" but other than that, the fit was great.  

I thought it would be a cool combination.  Matching colors with a textured pant.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  On to the next outfit.

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