Friday, March 22, 2019

Citrus Leggings from Tuesday Stitches

I was given the honor to test a pattern!  Yay me!  

 When I got the email with the instructions, I knew exactly what I had to do. I needed to be bold!  I needed to be edgy!  I needed to get ALL the way out of my comfort zone.  I've never worn leggings and I've never worn a busy print for bottoms.  This was a Go Hard or Go Home situation!  Okay...maybe not that serious, but I did have a vision and I am pleased with the outcome.

Pattern: Citrus Leggings, courtesy of Tuesday Stitches
Fabric: A knit fabric, courtesy of The Fabric Fix

Pattern: Self Drafted
Fabric: Black Mesh and Black Knit, The Fabric Fix

Now, about this leggings pattern....
It's hard to tell because of the print I chose, but there are no side seams.  Instead the seams are going down the front and back of the leg.  This didn't make them any more complicated than the typical side-seamed leggings pattern.

I selected the appropriate pages to print based on my style selection and size, and the pages lined up pretty well for me.  I've never had a pdf pattern line up PERFECTLY, but the flowers at each connection point were VERY helpful.

The three pieces of the pattern came together nicely.   Having an elastic waistband may not be the most preferred waistband due to the numerous options of contoured waistbands on the market, but I had no issues with it.  Plus, the elastic waistband removes the need for additional adjustments to the fit...take apart...match up seams...try again...etc.... I normally wear my blouses/shirts over my waistband anyway.

As for the blouse, these are actually two separate pieces.  I used my TNT go to pattern piece and adjusted it to the lengths (hem and sleeves) and the desired neckline for both the mesh overlay top and the simple tee underneath.  I made the sleeves longer than necessary because I wanted to roll the hem twice so it could be seen.

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