Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Faux Locs & Faux Fur Vest - McCalls 7695

McCall's Pattern M7695 worked nicely with this faux fur remnant I found at Joann Fabrics.  I decided to have some fun and make this vest instead of a throw pillow...the original intent of the purchase.

It's that time of year when its warm at 1pm and cold by 6pm.  I see you spring...come through!!!!!
But before Spring wins the battle of temperatures in the south, I needed to get one last winter appropriate post out.

And yes, I switched it up a bit.  I needed some faux locs in my life so I wouldn't have to wash-n-go in 20 degree weather!  I don't get up early enough to dry my hair before I leave.  And now that I have a dog to walk in the mornings....getting up early for hair is out of the question.  I'm just doing enough to get to work (somewhat) on time.

So was it really fun?  

It was a fun thought and a fun outcome, but OOOOOOH MY SWEET BABY JESUS!  There are still pieces of fuzz all over my sewing room.  I knew it would be messy but not THIS messy.  But that will not deter me from one day making a fur coat!  The fuzz attack is worth it.  Feeling the sweet soft fakeness against my neck and cheeks makes me feel like I've made it in life. 


  1. Fantastic look and a Great DIY to boot.

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