Monday, March 26, 2018

Replicating A Ready to Wear Boat Neck Top

You know those moments when you are searching through your closet and you find something that you haven't worn in SO long?  Or maybe you forgot it even existed?  I had one of those moments last month.  I was searching through my closet looking for a top, and I found a simple knit top that I haven't worn in a few years.  I tried it on to see if it worked well with the skirt I wanted to wear that day.  It didn't.  BUT!!!! I was reminded of why I bought the shirt to begin with....


I knew I wouldn't be able to find another top JUST LIKE IT in the stores or online.  At least not within the next few hours.  So I took the top and used it to create a pattern to make more tops.

It was tricky, but with some patience (that I don't normally have) I was able to lay the top flat on my cutting table to get a pattern made using freezer paper.  Yeap, freezer paper.

AND here's a trick I came across mid-way of all of this...I used straight pins to "poke" along the seams which created small pin holes in my freezer paper.  After removing the top, I was able to trace along the holes and create my seam allowance afterwards.  This was much easier than trying to trace with chalk, especially along the neckband seam.  Yea, you can use tracing paper and a wheel but who keeps up with those things.  I have no idea where my wheel is and I haven't seen the tracing paper since I bought my first sewing kit years ago.  But I DO know where my straight pins are.  Some are in my pin box, and most of them are on the floor.

I made several...okay....I made 6 tops within 2-3 days.  This floral one is my favorite!  And it went nicely with a pair of jeans that I can fit again!  YAY ME!!

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