Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Simplicity 8137 - Adding Color to My Wardrobe with this Colorful Maxi Dress

"I need to add more color to my wardrobe."
This should be a suitable start.

Not everyone has the need to make this statement.  But how many of you have?  You see someone in a beautiful and brightly colored outfit and you think "I couldn't pull that color off" or "That's too busy for me".  I am very guilty of that.  I am always having to remind myself to add color to my wardrobe because I do tend to default to the blacks, greys and earth tones.  Every now and then you'll find something bright in my wardrobe but it's usually a simple top paired with some jeans.

But THIS time....OH BOY!  Did I make an effort to step outside of my comfort zone.  One day while in Joanns (yes, one of the many days, I know), I was in an "add color to my wardrobe" mode.  And when I saw this fabric....Love at first sight.  Then I touched it.  OMG.  Love at first touch.  It's a cotton blend!  Not a silky print that sticks to you in the heat when your skin starts to get moist (people in the south will understand).  But a breathable cotton blend, with the flow and weight that skirts and dresses dream about.

 I knew this had to be a dress.   And a dress with a very full maxi length skirt at that.  I wanted as much of this fabric on me as possible!  This maxi dress Simplicity 8137, called for 4-3/4 yards. 

I am all about simple patterns that make a big statement.  This dress was not difficult to make. I wanted to be completely comfortable in this dress which meant, I needed sleeves. The fabric was already "too busy" for the normal Salina.  So I had to compromise with how far outside of the box I would go.  So I drafted some sleeves that would dance in the wind along with the bottom of the dress.   Can you tell I have a fabric addiction?

I was a bit confused about what the pattern was asking as far as the facing for the bodice.  But I chose to line the bodice with a solid black polyester as well as use the fabric for  a facing along the neck edge.


  1. This fabric is gorgeous and an awesome choice! Can I just say how beautiful you and the garment look together! Bravo! I am inspired to finally start making myself the dress from this pattern. Thank you and I look forward to checking out more of your work!

  2. Oh my, Salina, I have been looooong time looking for a wrap dress that I could adapt to my generous proportions (3X/4X) You look fantastic and you did a fantastic job making this! The sleeves you made are exactly what I want. I'm probably an intermediate level sewer, though it's been a while. Can you give me some tips about how you drafted your sleeves? Was it from another pattern? You have inspired me to attempt this - already have a wonderful seersucker fabric just waiting. Thank you.