Friday, May 5, 2017

Simplicity 8160 - Knitpop Tank Top....and unmentionables

I was introduced to Tri-Blend fabric last year, thanks to Knitpop.  I ordered 2 yards along with several other types of fabric, in order to become familiar with the differences in feel/texture/flow.  This Tri-Blend fabric is heaven!  It makes me want to escape to my place of tranquility with some popcorn and a huge glass of sweet tea (the freshly brewed kind, not that other stuff from the grocery stores).

 This fabric is so light and soft and it flows effortlessly acros s the skin.  I want to buy soooo much more of it (shhh...don't tell anyone) to make some comfy t-shirts and tanks to wear out and about on a hot summer day.  But first, I decided to make this tank top using Simplicity 8160.

After seeing the lace addition at the top, I was reminded of the stretch lace I purchased from Knitpop as well!  The lace is soft and wouldn't be itchy so I thought, I may as well look cute while sitting around the house in my tank!  I used some of the scraps to replicate a pair of undies that I love but can no longer find the style/cut in the least not in my size....and not in a price range that I'm willing to pay.  

Even while sitting around the can still 

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