Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cloning a Favorite

Have you ever had any piece of clothing that you LOVED….too much?  

Loved it and wore it until it couldn’t be worn anymore?  Okay, yea, I know…we have several pieces like this.  But how many have you attempted to replicate instead of throw it away?  I have kept several pieces of clothing in hopes that I will one day clone them and make them a favorite again.  Mostly blouses that are either flattering or extremely comfortable. 

This one in particular is a blouse that I purchased YEARS ago from Cato Fashions.  It is a long sleeved mock turtle neck made from a cotton blend knit.  It is not the most flattering top at all, but I love how it looks with blazers or with a long sleeveless cardigan/vest.  So basically, my favorite parts of this blouse are the mock neck with the gathered effect and the bishop sleeves.

I lost the blouse a few years ago and when I finally found it, it had stains and a hole… there was just no saving it.  So I cut off the seams and used the shirt for a pattern!  

Because I cut the seams off, I had to add the seam allowance while cutting out the new shirt.


So before you throw away that worn out, hole infested, stained or "this don't fit anymore" item, think about using it as a pattern!  If it was once your favorite, clone it!  Make another favorite so you can stay FULLY COUTURED and TAKE FASHION INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!!!

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