Thursday, October 7, 2021

Accordion Pleats Add Magic!

Accordion (aka pleated) polyester just does something for an off the shoulder dress, doesn't it?!

I purchased this burgundy pleated/accordion from Minerva Fabrics and had absolutely no idea what to do with it.  But I knew I needed it, because I wanted to have something different.  I had this fabric for months!  And a fellow Sewing Queen, Sew Sew Stacie showed up in the world with this make!

The off the shoulder vibe has been my thing so I went to Pinterest for more options.  That's when I came across this gorgeous woman in a stellar dress!  Yeap.  This was it.  This was my next dress.  Where will I wear it?  Who knows.  Maybe in a random set of trees in Florida?  LOL.  God has blessed me with some amazing friends.  With some amazing talents!  And these trees were part of his vision.  Why not wear a somewhat glamorous outfit in the middle of a well manicured forest!  It turned out to be somewhat magical, don't you think?

Now to the dress.  This is a hacked Rebecca Page pattern (The Eloise):

1. The skirt of the dress was cut from the dress pattern's front and back piece.

2. The top of the dress (underneath) is the top of the dress pattern, but with the excess ease removed

3. The overlay (off the shoulders)  was not part of any pattern.  I measured around my shoulders and added 50%.  I took some of the excess fabric off by eye balling the flow that I wanted.  Then I cut to the desired length I wanted.  

I then followed the same instructions from Rebecca Page to create several small elastic pockets along the top.  This is so much better than a single 1/2" elastic because it holds onto your shoulders better and is much more comfortable.  The link to her first video of the tutorial for this dress can be found here.

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