Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan in a Sweater Knit

One thing I love about cardigans....they can be worn oversized!  

Okay maybe not TOO big, which this cardigan is borderline now.  But I made this about 30 pounds ago.  And I still plan on rocking it during the unpredictable fall/winter months of the south.

This cardigan is my second Patterns 4 Pirates Cocoon Cardigan and I am just in love with it now as I was wearing my first one.  I used a sweater knit fabric found randomly at Fine Fabrics in Georgia.  

Despite it being too big for me now, I enjoy an oversized cardi!  It works especially well as an accessory with some tights and lightweight blouse.  Or skinny jeans and a tee!

Another simple addition to my wardrobe to add some character and versatility.
I'm also loving the pop of bold (for me) color on my lips!

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