Monday, February 5, 2018

McCalls 6442 - My First Coat

This was my first ever coat. I wanted something feminine and dressy even though I have nowhere to wear it right now. 

I had some fabric in my "little" stash, that was kind of a waffle texture. It was really too thick to make anything like a blouse or a pair of pants with, but I bought the fabric back then anyway because that's what I do....I buy fabric. I had a vision back then.  It MIGHT have been for a suit.  It MIGHT have been for....who knows.  Don't judge me.  So anyway, I got caught up in the jacket-making hype because of some sewing groups that I've been a part of on Facebook. And one of the patterns that I thought was so adorable was McCalls 6442.  
After snooping around the internet to find others who have already made it, I fell in love with the peplum/skirt effect and the over-sized collar.  It is not designed with buttons so the options are to either make a belt/tie, or to use a belt of your own.

The jacket was very simple to make.  There are not many pieces at all. And since I passionately hate making button holes, this jacket was designed to be my first.  

Forgive some of the pictures because I left my belt and I was NOT walking back to the car in those heels again.  LOL.

I did not do any hand tailoring/couture type stitching nor did I add any inner-lining for warmth.  I live in the south.  I wanted to keep it simple for my first try.  Which is unlike me.  I tend to be an overachiever, ESPECIALLY on things I'm doing for the first time. 

I wanted to line the jacket with a bold print and be fancy and step outside of my comfort zone, but I did not find a print that I liked so I went with a purple polyester lining, my favorite color. 

I feel that this jacket can be versatile.   
Not only does it work well with a skirt (or dress), but I love how well it went with some jeans, because I'm all about being comfortable when trying to look cute.  

A special thanks to Alicia Eddings and Morgan Evans for the photography sessions!


  1. Very inspiring. I have had this pattern awhile, and I also collect and hoard fabric, so it's time to plunge ahead. If my results are only half as successful as yours, I will be happy.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I hope you had some luck with working on your fabric stash!