Thursday, February 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Yes, I have a new blog name!  But only the name has changed, everything else remains the same. Except I hope to post more this year and be more forward thinking about taking photos as I progress with each project.  

I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions.  I fail to follow goals any other time of the year, I don't need to make an attempt at special promises/goals in January!  But this year, I decided to create a few ReSEWlutions involving my blog!  All with my Fashionistas and Sewshionistas in mind.

Post more frequently and consistently
Step outside of my comfort zone
Do more pattern reviews (unaltered minus adjustments for fit)
Body Positive posts

I wanted to kick off the year with a body positive post after seeing the new additions to the Barbie line-up.  Included in the Fashionista doll collection, are CURVY dolls!!!

Look at those hips!!  Yeap!  Mattel has put some hips and booty on Barbie!!  I think the shaping of the body could use some work, but I’m just happy to see them starting to recognize the BBWs of the world.  To finally be able to buy a doll, not only with a similar shade as my own skin tone, but with some curvaceousness that sometimes gets frowned upon.  Although lately, having a nice derriere is the “hip” thing to do (pun intended).  It just excites me to know that a little girl can now play with a Barbie doll who does not have an un-achievable shape.  To now be able to look at a doll, love their doll and see their likeness in its beauty.

So, me being me….my best friend calls me the Black Martha Stewart...she literally has called me and asked “So what are we doing today, Martha?”  LOVE YOU DEE!....but back to me being me….I purchased one of the curvy dolls and decided to make her Fully Coutured along with me to start off 2017! 

Of course, she needed to get some curls prior to her photo shoot.  

So with the help of some pipe cleaners, Curvy Barbie is now a Natural Haired Curvy Barbie!

Both of us are wearing a simple black t-shirt with my new blog logo.  I created the logo using iron on glitter transfer vinyl along with my Silhouette Cameo.  Our purple skirts are a multi-layered mesh circle skirt, with Casa Colletion Mesh (Eggplant) from Joanns and matching polyester lining.  I’ve posted about circle skirts before and the blog I used for help before.  (Click here)

I am loving the initiatives of numerous individuals and companies attempting to change the images of our little girls’ dolls.  There are various organizations raising money to purchase dolls and recreate them to have natural hair.  There is a Kickstarter account for a company manufacturing 18” dolls with natural hair that can actually be styled as such.  (Click here to watch the video for The Angelica Doll)

And one of THE MOST TOUCHING videos I have seen involves a little girl receiving her American Girl Doll with a prosthetic leg, just like her own.  To be able to play with something in our likeness means more than one can imagine.  I would like everyone to think about the dolls their little girls are playing with and ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to for this doll to look more like my little princess?”  It can be anything from buying a doll with similar hair color, adding glasses, buying/making an outfit similar to your daughter’s favorite, using pipe cleaners for hair curlers and using nail polish to paint shoes!

I enjoyed playing with a Barbie again.  Creating this outfit took me back to when I was a little girl.  I remember taking an old doll's dress and making it into a new dress by sewing it onto my Barbie by hand.  Who would have known that sewing was my true calling???  LOL.  

Even as a little girl, I used Barbie to....
Take Fashion into My Own Hands!

Thank you Lloyd!

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