Saturday, January 17, 2015

Battle with Blouses

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a simple casual blouse, especially made of fabrics with no stretch.  I always find myself picking up the cute sheer blouses that are on sale, only to be disappointed by the fact that my arms would not fit into the sleeve.  Not every plus size female has this problem.  Some of you are blessed with a generous bosom and small arms.  I, on the other hand, was dealt a different hand.   I can wear a full dress size smaller if the garment has no sleeves.  Which means, going up in size to accommodate my arms can tend to mean the top becomes unflattering.

So the battle begins with McCalls 5145.....

A simple blouse with princess seams and a round hem.  I am a big fan of princess seams because they allow you to alter the top/dress with minimum effort.  The curves can be taken in as needed for any curvature your body may have or lack.  

The rounded hem I find more flattering than a straight hem.  As I discussed before, a straight horizontal seam can bring unwanted attention to the area of your body at which it falls.  The rounded hemline allows me to create a longer blouse without looking frumpy due to the eyes being drawn upward at the sides.  This also accentuates the curve at my hips without making them look larger.

I used a sheer fabric that I’ve had for a few years (of course).  Even with the sheer fabric, the pattern was simple to work with.  The only adjustments made to this pattern were to the arm hole and sleeve.  

I have always avoided button holes because I don't have a fancy sewing machine that makes them at the push of a button.  I decided to sew the button holes by hand because I did not want to be brave with a sheer fabric in hand.  I will try on a less fragile fabric.

I will definitely use this pattern to create more blouses.  I also have a plan to lengthen this pattern to create a dress.  So stay tuned! 

Until then.....

Take Fashion Into Your Own Hands. 


  1. I have only now got around to reading some blogs this year but wanted to comment on your blouse. You have made it beautifully and it looks gorgeous on you. I too have HUGE arms so know all about having to make sleeves larger and armholes bigger! It is so nice to come across a fellow "sufferer". I also agree about the hemline. I too curve mine because I feel it makes my hips look smaller. I shall continue to read your blogs!

    1. Thank you, Sandi! I'm sorry for the late response. I've been MIA for a few months but I'm back. I hope to continue to post and post consistently for my "fellow suffers"! Thank you for taking the time out to send such a nice comment!