Saturday, July 19, 2014

Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses

I am a sucker for easy patterns.   Simplicity 2804 is one of them.  

I may be guilty of over-using this pattern (only Top B), but I don't care.  There are worse problems to have than having the best pattern on earth!  It's so flattering for my shape and entirely too easy to make.  It requires only 3 pieces: a front, a back and a band to fit across the hips (which I make a bit more snug than the pattern's design).  I've made various subtle changes to this pattern to create many different looks.

Pattern As-Is (for the most part)

The pattern here is pretty much as is except I did not finish the top edge.  The fabric does not ravel and I liked the smooth edge and......okay, I was being lazy.  It looked ok so I went with it and didn't want to risk messing with the smooth edge.

Off the shoulder top

Created by removing fabric from around the rounded neckline.  Once again, neckline and sleeves are not finished.  I liked the way the edge looked.  It does not ravel but it has a textured look.

Off the shoulder dress

Created by increasing the length of the lower band, that typically hugs the top of the hips, and doubling the layers of fabric.

Off the shoulder dress with zipper

I created this dress in the same manner as the orange one above.  However, I installed a metal seperating zipper on the front/back seam on the sleeve.  Yes, it is a working zipper *wink*wink*

Like I said, I may be guilty of overusing this pattern, but I love it.  It is one of my go-to patterns because it is super simple and flattering (in my opinion).  It is loose around my abdomen, the band fits and accentuates my hips and derriere, and the neckline offers the ability to show a little more skin if you need to be enticing....once again....*wink*wink*

Sew remember…..keep an open mind to pattern variations.  You can get multiple looks from just 3 pieces!

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